cytolytic vaginosis

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Cytolytic vaginosis and its treatment

Cytolytic vaginosis is a type of a condition and not an infection as many people would term it. This is a condition whereby there is infrequent origin of virginal discharge. The cause of cytolytic vaginosis is basically because of too much growth of lactobacilli which cause irritation on the cells that make the wall of the vaginal or rather the lining of the virginal. When this process occurs, it causes the breaking up of the cells. And so the spoiled cells are then discarded with the normal secretion of the virginal. Moreover the usual vagina of a grown woman is populated with lactobacilli. The lactobacilli bacteria generate lactic acid and this acid retains the acid pH, hydrogen peroxide which acts as an antiseptic driving force. 

Some of the symptoms of the cytolytic vaginosis are the frequent excretion of a whitish fluid from the vagina. However not very women are aware of this condition and in most cases it is usually noticed after a wash of the vagina by the doctor. Another common symptom that one may experience is the vaginal itching which is called as pruritus vulvae. You will also in most cases experience a condition known as the vulvo dynia which is burning when you are going to the toilet especially during urinating which is called by physicians dysuria. During dyspareunia, which is basically sexual intercourse, you will experience uneasiness. These symptoms are however compared to vaginal thrush whereby the condition may worsen during the menstrual period.

However the thorough cleaning of the vagina will not stop the yeast that brings about vaginal thrush. The use of fungal creams and medicinal pills will not treat this condition. Moreover the diagnosis is done by considering the women who have been with the symptoms that have not matured or have experienced persistence of the thrush. And so with this, there should be a wash of the vagina and testing done in the lab and if there are symptoms of candida then that person is not suffering from cytolytic vaginosis but if they find numerous lactobacilli and epithelial cells then that person is suffering from this condition.

To treat cytolytic vaginosis, you do not need a lot of requirements.   This however should make the women with this condition be scared as it is treatable and very easy also to treat cytolytic vaginosis. One can therefore prevent this condition by taking antibiotics. We have seen however that the condition is caused by depletion of pH thus encouraging the multiplying of lactobacilli and basically the treatment would be to introduce a substance that will increase the Ph. The physician however will tell you to douch and also you could use baking soda so as to raise vaginal Ph. You could apply it by making a paste or directly but the best way is to treat cytolytic vaginosis is by seeing your doctor. Other forms of treatment are by the use of pads during your menstrual instead of tampons. And with this you are able to treat cytolytic vaginosis very easily with no much worry. 

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